5 Signs That You Need to Visit a Chiropractor

Visiting a chiropractor can be extremely beneficial for your long term health, and can improve both your physical and emotional well-being. However, many individuals only think to visit a chiropractor when something goes wrong or their bodies hurt. Our experts at True Roots Chiropractic know how crucial chiropractic care is when it comes to your long term health. Listed below are five signs that you should highly consider seeing a chiropractor in the near future.

1. Chronic Back Pain

This is probably one of the most obvious signs that a visit to the chiropractor is needed. There are several factors that can help contribute to back pain such as the type of work you do, posture, and the amount of time you are on your feet each day. If the pain has lasted for a few weeks, isn’t improving, or feels like it’s getting worse, then a trip to the chiropractic office is needed. A chiropractor can provide you with the long term pain relief without the need for surgery or expensive pain medications.

2. Headaches

Headaches are another common sign that a visit to the chiropractor is most likely needed, especially if they become a frequent occurrence. In fact, often times headaches don’t originate from the head, but from a problem in the spine. Headaches can also stem from other different issues like muscle tension in the neck area or a result of joint irritation. Through chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor can greatly help relieve the tension that builds up in your head. Adjustments help take the pressure off certain areas to your spine, and therefore reduce the pain in your head. If you have been experiencing frequent headaches, then a trip to the chiropractic office is a must.

3. Joint or Muscle Pain

A common reaction of those experiencing joint or muscle pain is to grab aspirin out of the medicine cabinet. This may offer short term pain relief, but unfortunately your pain could be due to bigger issues within your body. In other words, joint or muscle pain may be an early indicator of something more serious like arthritis or even bone cancer. Therefore, visiting a chiropractor in this instance will not only find a cause for your pain, but a much better chance to cure long term joint or muscle problems.

4. Recent Accidents

It’s no surprise that being involved in a physical accident of any sort can cause serious injuries. Whether it’s automobile related, athletic, or any “freak accident” to your body, you should see an experienced chiropractor as soon as possible. Any injury you may have sustained during an accident may not show up for a few days afterward, but will only get worse the longer you wait. Even if you’re not sore or feel immediate pain after an accident, be sure to visit a chiropractor in order to make sure everything is ok.

5. You Are Proactive

Whether it’s your child, family, or your own long term health that you care about, being proactive is essential. You don’t just need a chiropractor when you feel pain or sense something isn’t right with your body. Chiropractic care can also provide you with useful information about physical activity precautions, nutritional advice, stress relief techniques, and health-conscious advice in general. One of the main goals at True Roots Chiropractic is to ensure long term health for you and your family, and receiving chiropractic care regularly can help make this come true!

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