Prior to receiving Chiropractic care, I had dealt with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for 23 years. My symptoms were terrible. I had unbearable stomach pains and I had to use the restroom very frequently as a result. During a single class period at school, I would have to leave up to 3 times in an hour in order to use the restroom, which was very embarrassing. Then I discovered Chiropractic! After a year of corrective Chiropractic care, I noticed that my symptoms had gone away and that my stomach pains were not there anymore. Not only that, but I also noticed that I felt better and that my body was functioning better on a daily basis. I had never considered that Chiropractic could help me with my issues, and I had always thought that I would have to take drugs and pain killers to help with my symptoms. I also utilized chiropractic care during both of my pregnancies which tremendously helped me to be more comfortable, as well as help prepare me for an optimal birth. Today, I have two beautiful healthy boys and no longer take any pain killers or drugs. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better, and I am so thankful!





Caston is a fun-loving kid who loves to be active constantly, as his parents will attest to! Caston wasn’t always this healthy though. He had a very traumatic birthing process, as well as underdeveloped lungs. This made feeding a challenge, as well as his ability to get oxygen throughout his body. He struggled constantly with spitting up and being colicky, and this was very difficult throughout the nursing process. In fact, he would consistently spit up over 20 times per day. Caston was lucky enough to be adjusted as an infant, and this helped tremendously with his feeding ability. His parent’s noticed that he spit up far less and slept better when he was adjusted frequently! Caston is a great example of why we adjust babies and kids in our office. We know that healthy kids grow into healthy adults!





At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with several health problems, specifically ENDOMETRIOSIS.  I was placed on birth control pills to “help” alleviate symptoms, and it was implied that there would be a rough road ahead… and one with few options.  Each year my symptoms progressed, and it became very discouraging when there were still not many other options to try. Being young and unsure of if I wanted to have kids helped me to take the news pretty well that one day it might not be an option.  I believed that if and when I had made the decision to have kids there would be more options for me to try. My symptoms progressed to a point of reaching a category of options that were pretty mature for my age, and it was strongly encouraged that I grow to accept the idea of having a hysterectomy in the near future.  At the age of 23 I was told that I had no other options and would need to have a hysterectomy soon. I decided to try an IUD as a last resort to help reduce my symptoms and eliminate my menstrual cycle. I did the IUD for 5 years and my personal outcome was that it never eliminated a single cycle, increased my symptoms, and lastly wasted time and hope for me.  When I went back to my doctor's office, they could only recommend another IUD or a Hysterectomy. I was defeated and upset.

My life changed when I decided to try Chiropractic and more holistic approaches.  I felt that if a hysterectomy was my last option, I could take my time in making that decision.  I have consistently been under Chiropractic care for the past 6.5 years and my life has completely changed for the better.  I am no longer suffering from endometriosis symptoms and they removed the diagnosis 3 years ago. Becoming pregnant was an amazing gift and something that I never thought would be an option for me, since endometriosis and infertility go hand in hand.  My pregnancy was so healthy and I could not have been more blessed with a better situation. I never experienced any morning sickness or pain. I continually received adjustments and the baby continued to grow. At one point near the end of my pregnancy, I was told the baby was not head down and that would be an undesirable position to birth a baby.  I continued to get adjusted because it helps in getting babies in correct and safe positions for delivery- which facilitated a wonderful, natural birth. We trusted chiropractic because it was the only thing in my life that has been worthy considering my health. I am now a proud mother of two beautiful children. Me and my family are so thankful that Chiropractic has given us this opportunity.