Back to School Chiropractic Tips

It’s hard to believe but the new school year is already right around the corner. And when it comes to being healthy in school, it’s very easy to dismiss the importance of chiropractic care. Whether it’s about back pain, sitting, or sleep our experts at True Roots Chiropractic want to provide some quick back to school chiropractic tips for you or your children.

3 Back to School Chiropractic Tips

1. Pay Attention to Backpacks

Although back pain is common in general for several adults and children, many parents don’t realize the importance of backpacks and how their children carry them. It may not seem like a huge deal to worry about, but carrying a heavy, misfitted backpack every day to school can be bad news for the spine.

The next time your child complains about back pain this may be one of the reasons behind it. We recommend limiting the weight within the backpack along with carrying it correctly. “So how do you carry a backpack correctly?” Well a backpack should fit close to the body with the straps as tight as feels comfortable. Typically the opposite happens - a backpack that is hanging low on a child’s legs, which causes massive stress to the spine overtime. Check out the image below from the American Chiropractic Association for more information.

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2. Focus on your Sitting Posture

Sitting at a school desk for long hours and five days a week can put enormous stress on your back if your posture is off. These long periods of “non-ergonomic” sitting allows tension to build up overtime in the back, shoulders, and neck areas. Many adults these days work in offices that are now providing ergonomic solutions with adjustable chairs, standing desks, etc. Unfortunately students don’t have those luxuries, as schools typically have fixed desks that are not adjustable. 

When sitting at a desk, we recommend maintaining a straight posture with as little “slouching” as possible. It sounds simple but sitting with a straight posture consistently will prevent possible distress on the spine. However, we should point out that it’s even more important to not be sitting all day. We understand there are certain requirements and what not, but make it a priority to stand up and be on your feet as much as possible during the school day. 

For more information on sitting and chiropractic health, check out one of our previous articles on the Sitting Epidemic.

3. Prioritize Consistent Sleep

It’s no surprise that consistent sleep and chiropractic health go hand in hand. Although this is an important tip all the time, it’s especially important during the school year. With busy schedules of after school activities and other extracurriculars prioritizing sleep can often take a back seat. We recommend sticking to a consistent bedtime every night along with sleeping more than eight hours per night. If you or your child isn’t getting enough sleep every night, the body and brain functions can suffer. 

Posture is also critical when it comes to sleeping, and check out our Sleeping Tips article for more information on that aspect.

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