True Roots Chiropractic Upcoming Event: "Common Roots Birth Story Workshop"

Join other local Des Moines mothers on Saturday, October 12 for a guided workshop on pregnancy & birth experiences. The purpose of this workshop is for mothers to recall, remember, and record your birth story to share with others.

The event is located at our very own venue in True Roots Chiropractic! Hosting the event is Katie Gilbaugh, who is a Birth Doula with Common Roots Birth. Take a seat and enjoy light brunch as we discuss and answer guided questions and prompts to help you write down and record the story of your birth!

Registration fee includes your attendance, light brunch, and your own birth story workbook!

CLICK HERE to Register for the event, or check out the Facebook Event on the True Roots Chiropractic Facebook page.

Common Roots Birth

Common Roots Birth provides birth doula services to women in Central Iowa. They specialize in helping expecting mothers find the amazing power, strength, and purpose there is to be discovered in pregnancy and childbirth. 

Katie Gilbaugh is the Owner and Founder at Common Roots Birth, who is truly an expert when it comes to the childbirth process. Their company mission is “Support for Pregnancy. Empowerment for Birth.” Some of the services Katie provides are free consultations, phone/email communication, prenatal visits, continuous labor support, postpartum support, and other additional benefits. 

If you know of an expecting mother who could use these services, Reach Out to Katie Gilbaugh!

Importance of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

It’s very important to understand that receiving chiropractic care for expecting mothers is a must. There are numerous physical and psychological changes that happen in preparation for the developing child. If there are any misalignments within joins or spine during the pregnancy process, this will have a negative impact on both the developing baby and yourself.

Some of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor when pregnant include:

  • Relieving neck, back, or joint pain

  • Preventing potential cesarean delivery

  • Helping with symptoms of nausea

  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

  • Helps prevent other issues than could come along during pregnancy

Check out our previous article on Best Des Moines Chiropractor for Pregnancy Care for more information on pregnancy and chiropractic care.

True Roots vision is to create a shift in the way our Des Moines community pursues health.

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